Chicago Edison Park Community Information

Edison Park has advanced with the times. Dating back to its original roots in 1834 when it was a small settlement camp for German families dubbed "Dutchmen's Point," to its modern day reputation as being an attractive community for young families, the "Electric Suburb" has always been one of Chicagoland's more interesting suburban neighborhoods.

In recent decades, there have been several changes to the business districts in Edison Park. In the Northwest Highway corridor, where once there were two butcher shops, two bakeries, two drug stores, two hardware stores, gift shops, a bike repair, a popular dime store and the Resurrection Auxiliary's Bargain Basket, the main focus today is food. From Tony's Italian Deli and Happy Foods, to a series of restaurants ranging from a coffee shop and various fast food chains to fine dining and taverns, the Edison Park Restaurant Row is a busy part of the area day and night. Among the longest surviving businesses in Edison Park are M. J. Suerth Funeral Home and Kaage's Newsstand ? a frequent stop off for many locals during morning and evening rush hours.

Noted for its friendly atmosphere, one local tradition that has been taking place each year since 1972 is the Edison Park Fest, an end-of-summer weekend sponsored by the Edison Park Chamber of Commerce. The festival combines merchant sidewalk sales, live entertainment, a parade, a Taste of Chicago and an arts and crafts exhibition into one big celebration. The Edison Park Fest is viewed as a fun way to introduce visitors to the benefits the community has to offer while stimulating commerce for its local business community and charitable organizations.

Proximity to O'Hare and Midway Airports, as well as downtown Chicago is yet another reason why so many choose to live in Edison Park. Metro Chicago is a wonderland for people of all ages. From major sporting events and exhilarating outdoor recreation to world-class shopping and endless employment possibilities, this Midwestern hub is a land of opportunity.

Chicago is also the county seat of Cook County, which currently has a population approaching 6 million. The county has always been progressive in thought and practice, with a local governing body that is as active locally as it is influential nationally. While embracing the modern improvements that have accompanied the evolution of the digital age, Cook County and its cities and their suburbs have always fought to also preserve the many historically significant attractions throughout the region. The Edison Park neighborhood is no different.

Edison Park is bordered by the Northwest Highway and the three "O" streets ? Oliphant, Oshkosh and Olmstead. When looking for a home in this part of Cook County, visit Edison Park and consider the many properties for sale in this wonderful neighborhood.